The Council of Scrolls is an semi-secret organization within Alamut that is dedicated to scholarly pursuits and thus is dominated by Viziers and Sorcerers.


In a similar manner to the Camarilla's Harpies, they also administered the prestige and the rank of each individual Assamite.

When Ur-Shulgi rose, the Council was disbanded and many of the councilors fled with Al-Ashrad. In 2002, Al-Ashrad commanded that the Council be reformed. As the Seats began to refill, the order and conduit of information they possessed quickly passed back into hands of the Eldest and the Du'at. But whispers of rumors are still abundant.[citation needed]

Many of the current Council's whereabouts are hidden, secret even from those loyal to the Eldest-in-Exile, for fear still runs rampant that "The Monster" will send his minions to once again disband the Council through force and bloodshed.


  • Seat of Gold - dedicated to economic science
  • Seat of Glass and Smoke - dedicated to alchemy and chemistry
  • Seat of Sums - dedicated to mathematical pursuits and cryptography
  • Seat of Dust and Bone - dedicated to archaeology
  • Seat of Flesh - dedicated to medicine
  • Seat of Storms - dedicated to natural science
  • Seat of Tongues - dedicated to linguistics
  • Seat of Copper and Lightning - dedicated to electrical science and computer technology
  • Seat of Mirrors - dedicated to surveillance and information transfer
  • Seat of the Book - dedicated to mortal theology and philosophy
  • Seat of Wheel, Whig and Oar - dedicated to logistics and transportation technology
  • Seat of Mists - dedicated to spiritualism
  • Seat of Wind and Stone - dedicated to mortal politics
  • Seat of Stars - dedicated to astronomy and astrology
  • Seat of Fire and Steel - dedicated to weapon technology


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