Cottonwood is a Totem of the Nunnehi.

Overview Edit

Also known as the Necklace Poplar, Cottonwood grows on the American prairie. Her downy buds, shed in the spring, resemble the fruit of the cotton plant. Tall (80 — 100 feet) and fast-growing, Cottonwood provides a welcome source of shade, and long ago taught the Sioux how to build their tipis. Later, her wood was used by white settlers for building their own houses. Most importantly, however, Cottonwood is used as the center pole for the rigorous sun dance, one of the holiest ceremonies of many Native American tribes, including the Sioux and the Crow. Cottonwood is one of the most spiritual of trees, and regards herself as the caretaker of the land and creatures around her.

Traits & Taboo Edit

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Traits Edit

Cottonwood's Nunnehi children gain Mythlore 2 and Craft 2 (Woodcarving). Nunnehi allies who participate in the strenuous sun dance also gain an additional point of Stamina after completing the ceremony; a bonus which can only be acquired once.

Taboo (Ban) Edit

Cottonwood requires allied Nunnehi to be frugal in their use of her wood; replacing cut trees with seedlings and using deadfalls whenever possible. She also demands that her children never fail to honor the spirits.

References Edit

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