Coruroc was the last member of the White Howler tribe that managed to escape the fate of being turned into a Black Spiral Dancer.


A member of the Sky-Shaker Pack, Coruroc was the only member of the tribe that managed to escape the Black Spiral and flee back to the surface. His tainted kin hunted him and nearly killed him, but he was rescued by the Fianna Aidan Farwatcher. He managed to warn the Garou Nation that the White Howlers were lost before he died.

After his death, he was unable to become an Ancestor Spirit, because the Tribal Homeland of the White Howlers had been transformed by Wyrm taint. He instead descended into the Dark Umbra, where he roamed as a wraith. Tortured by his memories, he barely staved off Oblivion, until a small pack of Black Spiral Dancers visited the Dark Umbra. Coruroc tried to reason with them and, when his inquiries were met with mockery, extracted their souls from their bodies, turning them into wraiths themselves. He spent long years to purge them of their Wyrm taint and formed them into a small pack of his own. This pack now travels the Shadowlands, seeking to destroy the spirits of corrupted White Howler Kinfolk or convert (and, if necessary, destroy) other Black Spirals.


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