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Corruption is one of the Dark Arcanoi used by Spectres to overcome the will of one of the Quick, who is then brought closer to Oblivion through the actions of the controller. These Corrupted Quick usually serve as henchmen for Oblivion in the Skinlands.

In order for Corruption to work, the target in question must have a similar, if not identical, personality to the one that wishes to control them, although those with severe disturbances or weak senses of self are also excellent targets. In the case of those with matching personalities, a vessel may not notice they are ever being altered.

Corruption is noticeably similar to the arts of Puppetry, and has probably borrowed strongly from its uncorrupt counterpart. It most differs from Puppetry in what it seeks to achieve; a Puppeteer seeks to merely possess targets for a time, while one who uses Corruptions wants absolute and total control for as long as their victim exists.

Basic Abilities

  • Sense Likeness: A Spectre can measure the potential of a target.
  • Soul Leech: This allows a Spectre to slip into the body of their target.

Standard Powers

  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Lurid Visions: A Spectre can create brief, violent visions in the target they are Skinriding.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Unbidden Hands: A Spectre may force a body to perform an action while the target is distracted.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Urges: This allows a Spectre to overcome a target's Willpower and force them into an action.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Fetter Rape: A Spectre may corrupt the fragments of soul remaining in a dead Fetter to briefly turn them into a Risen.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.png Blissful Unity: The Spectre becomes the dominant entity in a soul without obliterating it.

Alternate Powers

None are known.


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