The Corn Maiden is a Totem of Wisdom.


The giver of the great gift of corn, Corn Maiden is notable for being one of the few spirits affiliated with the Weaver that the Pure Lands Garou willingly trust. She is a strong totem with deep ties to the element of earth and the strength of plants; she also draws power from generosity. She is much loved among human nations, and her packs receive much of the same friendship.

See also Maize.

  • Background Cost: 5

Traits & Ban


  • Individual Traits: Corn Maiden’s packs learn the Gift: Cookfire; they also receive two temporary points of Wisdom
  • Pack Traits: So long as they are friendly and helpful, Corn Maiden’s children receive three dice on any Social rolls dealing with humans.


Corn Maiden’s children must assist their human relatives with the planting and harvesting of corn, and are asked to give the gift of planting to any nations they may encounter. Packs who follow Corn Maiden usually carry a handful of corn kernels with them wherever they go, should a stranger be in need of food, or should they meet someone who has yet to learn the mystery of planting.


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