The Corajoso are a bloodline of Ventrue originating in Portugal. The founders of the bloodline struggled against the oppression of Spanish Kindred, but the discovery of the discipline of Linagem allowed them to rise to new heights of influence with the birth of Europe's colonial period.

Linagem enhances the Corajoso's ability to connect to the minds of other vampires through shared vitae. One simple consequence of this is the ability to communicate instantly over any distance, which proved an invaluable shortcut when operating across budding European empires in Africa, Asia and the Americas. This mind-reading power also makes the Corajoso feared among other Kindred, though, and the constant background noise of others' thoughts is a mental strain on each member of the bloodline.

Corajoso elders tend to be Renaissance aristocrats and conquistadores, and their intense paranoia and insular tendencies drove them to use Linagem to manipulate and enslave their own childer. Neonates, on the other hand, tend to be naturally curious and more than a little independent, and conduct their own maneuvers against those who lie in torpor.

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