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The Convention of the White Tower, sometimes called the Convention of the Ivory Tower, was the meeting at which the Order of Reason, forerunner to the modern Technocracy, was founded.

The titular White Tower was the covenant of Archmagus Yoassmy bani Ex Miscellanea of Brittany, the White Tower of Languedoc. The Craftmasons assaulted the tower and killed Yoassmy in early 1325 CE, though some tales claim she did not die but rather Ascended into Heaven as a huge bird[1].

Shortly thereafter the Convention began, calling together scientifically-minded mages from all over Europe and lands beyond.[2][3][4][5][6] Among the attendees were the Dalou'laoshi, Wu Lung, Shi-Ren from the Middle Kingdom,[7][8][9], and the Dyula trade guild from Mali. The Mokteshaf al-Nour, however, either were not invited or refused to participate due to the ongoing Crusades.[1]

On March 25, the Convention issued the Declaration of the White Tower, the founding document of the Order of Reason.

...that Humanity will not be menaced by madmen and beasts, that the World must be a place of Order and Reason, that the governor of Mankind should be Mankind itself, that the chief Enterprise of Mankind shall be the preservation of his own safety, and that the Triumph of Mankind shall be the eradication of the supernatural world and the realization of the Collective Will.
  — Declaration of the White Tower[10]

The Order of Reason declared war on "Sorcerers, Nightgaunts, Faerie, Boggies, Wytches, Dyvells, Changelings, Werebeasts, and all divers Creatures of the Night."[11]

The new Order consisted of: