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Convention Book: Progenitors is a Mage: The Ascension sourcebook for the Progenitors Convention of the Technocracy. It is the revised edition of Technocracy: Progenitors.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Heart of the Union
The Progenitors hid far more depth than anyone, Tradition or Technocrat, realized. Too long considered by others — and even themselves — as lab monkeys and cloistered researchers, their protective cocoon of isolation was ripped away by the Dimensional Anomaly. Forced by cataclysmic events, the Progenitors are injecting themselves back into a sick world.
The Union's surgeons and chemists have made their diagnosis, and it scares them: the Technocracy's diseased and about to tear itself apart. Traditions keep peddling snake oil treatments to a populace yearning for an easy fix. And there are worse things out there, cancers on the world. So the Progenitors must take the only sensible action: arm up and prep the OR.
A World Infected
The Masses are gobbling up the ideas behind biotechnology, medical advancements, cloning, and neurochemistry — nearly everything from the Convention's bag of tricks. But the world is still full of scared people looking for magic pills to make all their problems go away. The members of the Technocracy are no different. But now the Progenitors are in the mix, frantic trauma surgeons elbow-deep in unwilling patients. Convention Book: Progenitors updates Mage: the Ascension with 21st century medicine, biotech, and desperate idealism.


Prologue: Recovery

Introduction: Troubling Diagnosis

Chapter One: Patient History

Chapter Two: Residency

Chapter Three: Prescriptions

Epilogue: Sutures

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