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Convention Book: N.W.O. is the sourcebook for the New World Order Convention in the early 21st century. It is the revised edition of Technocracy: N.W.O.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

Heroes of Reality
The proud men and women who serve the New World Order are the paragons and saviors of humanity. These Enlightened minds have the thankless job of being our shepherd, leading us to ultimate Empowerment and protecting us from utter chaos: the misguided Traditionalists, corrupted Technocrats, vile creates, and ourselves.
The Order oversees the Technocratic Union through its unrivaled academic might, omnipresent surveillance, and unparalleled advances in psychology. But even as the Technocracy is winning so many hearts and minds, NWO must keep the Union from turning on itself.
A Truly New World
The paradigm of the Masses shifted dramatically in the last decade, between new ideas of mass media, the introduction of smartphones, everyone being interconnected on the Internet, many years of the Avatar Storm, and so many more changes — large and small. All with the New World Order at the center, the spider in such a tangled web. Convention Book: New World Order updates Mage: The Ascension with fresh 21st century ideas, from NWO's perspective.


Prologue: Processing

Introduction: In Victory

Chapter One: History 2.0

Chapter Two: Division of Labor

Chapter Three: Assets

Epilogue: Deployment

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