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Convention Book: Iteration X, also known as Technocracy: Iteration X Revised, is the sourcebook for the Iteration X Convention in Mage: The Ascension Revised Edition.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Man or Machine?
Iteration X represents the cutting edge of artifice, material science and man-machine technology. The Clockwork Conventioneers may be considered killer cyborgs or emotionless drones by their peers, but in truth they're pioneers as well as warriors. The Iterators' tools and computer empower humans, overcome defects and enable people to do things that would be impossible without the aid of machines. But with directives from machine intelligences and humans who give up flesh for metal, who's the master and who's the servant?
A Whole Greater than the Parts
A new direction for the Conventions for Mage: The Ascension. Completely new material covering history, practices, beliefs, special character rules and more. Finally, books that build upon the Guide to the Technocracy and bring for the secrets for your Technocracy characters.


Prologue: Hirings

Introduction: The Tools

Cycle One: Header

Cycle Two: Code

Cycle Three: Modules

Epilogue: On the Job

Background Information

This book was released on the same date as Exalted's Time of Tumult, which first covered the tool-god Autochthon in that setting, providing a sort of theme to that day's releases. Convention Book: Iteration X’s references to Autochthonia and the Computer make oblique reference to Autochthon.

Memorable Quotes




Autochthonia, Hardsuit

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