The Convent of the Knights of the Red Cross was a holy building adjoining the Cathedral of St. Thomas in Prague during the Dark Ages.


In 1141 A.D., an injured Crusader named Christof Romuald was brought to the convent after being wounded in battle, and was nursed back to health by a nun named Sister Anezka, with whom he fell in love. The convent was subsequently attacked on two occasions, first by szlachta making nightly raids, and then by Premysl revenants seeking vengeance on Christof for the slaying of Ahzra the Unliving. On both occasions, Christof successfully killed the attackers.

After Christof was Embraced by the Brujah leader, Ecaterina the Wise, he returned once more to the convent to see his love Anezka. However, his newfound bloodlust and her words of concern for his soul (which he believed already lost) tormented him and he vowed never to return.[1]


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