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On or about 1897, when the Technocracy undergoes further reorganization, its leadership becomes known as Control (formerly called the Invisible College). Control is the level of organization above amalgams and Symposia. Unlike the Tradition's Council of Nine which has many named members both current and historical, no named members of Control have been explicitly listed. Control reports to The Inner Circle which meets in the Deep Universe and publishes revised Time Tables every 15 years.[1]

Control is a gestalt entity from a plot perspective. Control has access to all information collected by lower-level Technocrats as well as access to considerable firepower. It's capable of instantly and forcefully overturning decisions of those that report to it.[2]

Control in the Mage Metaplot

During the metaplot event known as the Avatar Storm, Technocratic Mages are cut off from Control, just as Tradition Mages are cut off from Horizon. Amalgams and Constructs gain new autonomy in the wake of Control's disappearance.

As part of the Ascension supplement, General Aleph is introduced as a character. One that is more an idea than a traditional NPC and one that may be the closest to a named Control character that exists.

The scenario "Judgement" in Ascension posits that Control is the gestalt entity of the old Maximi of the Order of Reason, fused into one spiritual entity within the Fortress of Government in the High Umbra through the ancient Viasilicoi the Orders masters used to communicate. In doing so, they left their humanity behind, instead becoming a collection of the aspirations and fears of all Technocrats that had ever underwent Social Conditioning. Only Iteration X (who are pledged to the Computer instead) and the Void Engineers (who were kept outside through the intervention of Tychoides) are outside Control's reach.[3]

M20 Interpretations

M20, as a metaplot agnostic setting, introduces several options for how to treat Control according to the needs of the chronicle:

  • Just another level of organization for the Technocracy.
  • An emergent entity caused by the intents and actions of all Technocrats.
  • A group of extremely powerful Technocrats who had succumbed to Clarity.
  • A front for some umbral entity/spirit.
  • A creation of the Nephandi or their masters to hunt down those that resist temptation and create a world of technological delights to dull the minds and souls of sleepers.


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