Contract is a mystical pact struck between the fae and a living embodiment of natural force, allowing the fae to call on supernatural powers.


Contracts are ancient agreements made between the True Fae and living embodiments of the natural world; as with most such magics (like the Mask), these bargains extend to all creatures touched by Faerie, and thus may be learned and used by Changelings.

Each Contract is a collection of related powers, or clauses, which were agreed upon in the same bargain. Usually a Changeling must use Glamour to empower the use of most clauses, but every clause has a "Catch", a loophole in the original agreement which allows use of the power without the magical price having to be paid.

Universal ContractsEdit

Changelings have an affinity for a number of common Contracts, which they find easier to learn than others. Any changelings can learn these contracts without any added difficulty.

Contract Description Book/Page
Board Alter games SD 46
Dream Oneiromancy CL 124
Hearth Blessings and Curses CL 127
Hours Time RS 102
Lucidity Eludes delirium DD 69
Mirror Disguise CL 129
Moon Madness RS 105
Omen See Past and Future RS 108
Smoke Stealth CL 132
Thorns and Brambles Hedges and Thorns SD 49

Seeming ContractsEdit

Each Seeming also has an affinity for certain Contracts that grants powers associated with that Seeming. While any changeling can learn any Seeming Contract, they find it much harder to learn Contracts that do not match with their Seeming.

Contract Seemings Description Book/Page
Animation Wizened Animate Objects WM 52
Artifice Wizened Manipulate Objects CL 134
Communion Elementals Communicate with Elements WM 32
Darkness Darklings Darkness CL 136
Den Beasts Home Safety WM 19
Elements Elementals Manipulate Elements CL 138
Fang and Talon Beasts Animals CL 142
Forge Wizened Alter and Shape Reality RS 99
Reflections Fairest Manipulate reflective surfaces ER 34
Oath and Punishment Ogres Deal with Oathbreakers WM 47
Separation Fairest Transcend the Physical WM 40
Shade and Spirit Darkling The Dead WM 26
Stone Ogres Might CL 144
Vainglory Fairest Awe CL 146
Wild Beasts, Elementals Nature RS 111

Court ContractsEdit

Changelings who belong to a seasonal Court have an affinity to further two Contracts associated with their season: the "Fleeting" Contracts deal with manipulation of the Court's dominant emotion, while the "Eternal" Contracts invoke physical manifestations of the season itself. Due to the mystical connection granted by a Court's Mantle, the more advanced clauses of these Contracts may only be learned by Changeling's with a strong Mantle for the appropriate Court. The less powerful clauses may be taught to other Changelings, but such tutelage is generally only given to those who have proven their friendship to the Court.

Contract Description Book/Page
Eternal Autumn Harvest and Withering CL 159
Eternal Spring Growth and Rejuvenation CL 151
Eternal Summer Heat and Light CL 155
Eternal Winter Cold CL 162
Fleeting Autumn Manipulate Fear CL 156
Fleeting Spring Manipulate Desire CL 149
Fleeting Summer Manipulate Wrath CL 153
Fleeting Winter Manipulate Sorrow CL 160
Four Directions Direction WM 134
Verdant Spring Manipulate Passion LoS 39
Punishing Summer Tools of War LoS 59
Spell-Bound Autumn Sorcery LoS 79
Sorrow-Frozen Heart Personal Sorrow LoS 99
Potential Positive change (Dawn court) SD 138
Entropy Negative change (Dusk court) DD 141

Goblin ContractsEdit

Finally there are the Goblin Contracts, Black Market contracts that can be obtained from the Goblin Market in exchange for various things. While these contracts are powerful, they usually come with a huge penalty for using them, and cannot be relied on as much as the other types.

Contract Level Description Book/Page
Sight of Truth and Lies 1 Truth-saying RS 114
Shooter's Bargain 1 Accurate Shooting CL 164
Trading Luck for Fate 1 Predict Random Events CL 164
Calling the Guardian 2 Summon Protective Force RS 114
Diviner's Madness 2 See Past or Future CL 165
Fair Entrance 2 Open Doors CL 165
Fool's Gold 2 Disguise Objects CL 166
Blessing of Forgetfulness 3 Erase Memories RS 115
Burden of Life 3 Healing CL 166
Delayed Harm 3 Avoid Attacks CL 167
Goblin Oath 4 Pledges RS 115
Good and Bad Luck 4 Lucky Guess CL 167
Call the Hunt 4 Summon True Fae CL 167
Blood-Binding 5 Strip Enemy's Defenses RS 116
Lost and Found 5 Escape CL 168
Contract of Wyrd 1-5 Wyrd's powers DD 64

Contracts of SacrificeEdit

Contract Description Book/Page
Goblin Fortune Blessing or Curse RS 117
Goblin Transformation Changes RS 120
Goblin Sacrifice Sacrifice in exchange of benefits RS 120

Changeling: The Lost Contracts


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