A Construct is a Promethean who is fashioned from an inanimate material rather than human flesh. Although they are most often associated with the Galateids and the Tammuz, a Promethean from any Lineage may create a Promethean or parts of a Promethean from an alternate material that has been properly prepared.

For the most part, Constructs function identically to their flesh-made cousins. They do have a few advantages over conventional Prometheans; being made of a non-living material rather than flesh, they do not need to eat, drink, or breathe, subsisting only on Pyros and Azoth. They also have no organs and thus no issues with rebellious organs, although this means certain Transmutation abilities are off-limits.

However, there are also disadvantages; they consume their daily point of Pyros in order to sustain themselves. In addition, as the Vitriol is carried throughout their forms rather than concentrated, it makes them vulnerable to tracking and feeding by Pandorans. Finally, Constructs never look completely human in their normal form, the textures and color of the item they were made from tainting their features. These can be temporarily disguised through Transmutations or more conventional means such as makeup or masks.

The material a Construct is created from also plays a major role in their constitution. Constructs made of a heavy material such as stone or metal gain natural armor at the cost of their speed. Those made from flammable materials like paper or wax take less bashing damage but are also more susceptible to fire. Some materials even leech into a Construct's Wasteland, causing objects made of the same substance as the Construct to degrade faster.

Certain substances seem to resonate with each Lineage, conducting Pyros more easily and therefore giving greater odds of success in creating a Construct. The known favored material for each Lineage is listed below.


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