Conspiracies in Vampire: The Requiem are "Tier Three" organizations, similar in scope and power to conspiracies in Hunter: The Vigil or the Orders in Mage: The Awakening. These organizations are vast in their reach and beyond ambitious in their goals. They are often lead by elders, those Kindred who have become so alienated from their humanity that they no longer care about anything but their own whims. Younger vampires may become caught up in a conspiracy by Embrace, accident or choice, but climbing the pyramid can be an intoxicating liberation from the norms of vampire society.

With VTR is primarily structured as as tier-two game, in which most characters' power ends at the city limits, conspiracies are presented in VTR: The Danse Macabre (book) as a way to "pump up the volume" and shift the focus to a more global scale. To facilitate this, certain variations on the rules are recommended, including reducing the Fog of Memory and allowing elders to modify their code of Humanity to avoid degradation.

List of Conspiracies Edit

Conspiracies Based on Covenants Edit

Vampire: The Requiem Covenants

Tier 1:

The Movement · The Circle · The Estate · The Haven · The Order


Carthian Movement · Circle of the Crone · Invictus · Lancea Sanctum · Ordo Dracul
Brethren of the Hundred Faces · Brides of Dracula · Children of the Thorns · Harbingers · Holy Engineers · Nemites · Society of the Accord · Sun-Walking Knights


The Commonwealth · The Mother's Army · Prima Invicta · The Covenant · The Devil's Eye

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