Connaught was a Tzimisce koldun resident of the Montreal area, back when it was still the colony of Ville-Marie.


Connaught was one of the first Sabbat to settle in the New World, following the footsteps of a fellow Gangrel antitribu named Louis Drapeau. Together they built the first Sabbat coven in the colony of Ville-Marie, known as Les Acadiens.

The Acadians provoked the wrath of the Iroquois tribes through their brutality, starting a war between this confederacy of tribes and the French colonists. However, when Connaught's pack tried to retaliate against the Iroquois, they were ambushed and gruesomely killed - all but Connaught, who remained in the colony during the whole affair, becoming the sole survivor of the original formation of Les Acadiens.

Connaught then summoned reinforcements from the Old World, but before they could arrive, Connaught had to sacrifice all of his Bratovitch servants in order to buy himself some time. Forcing his ghouls to scout the forests to preoccupy the natives, he prepared Koldunic rituals to protect himself. However, during Sunday mass, his wards were undone by unexpectedly potent surges of True Faith, and he had to rework his arts on the following nights.

When the new Sabbat arrived in Ville-Marie, they perpetuated the name of Les Acadiens, with Connaught as their Pack priest. Around 1653, he took notice of a mortal infernalist called Terrence DeBouville and decided to embrace him. Connaught placed DeBouville in a grave on the slopes of Mount Royale and never saw him emerge. Unbeknownst to the Tzimisce, his childe had been reclaimed by a powerful entity, for DeBouville had been merely a vessel for the demon Metathiax and now the creature had learned about the existence of the Sabbat in its lands.


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