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The Conflagration is the term used to refer to the destruction of Doissetep in November of 1997. It is sometimes seen as a part of the larger War in Heaven.


It is impossible to learn who exactly was the first mage within the Chantry to use force against a fellow mage. What is known that, a short time after the Ascension Warrior had spoken before the Council of Nine, the Chantry erupted into open conflict, as long held resentments were sparked by wild accusations of supporting the impostor. The assembled Masters and Archmages attacked each other, and in doing so, destabilized the whole Horizon Realm that had contained Doissetep. Only the sacrifice of Porthos Fitz-Empress, himself an archmage of incredible power, contained the following explosion to the realm, although shockwaves erupted through every portal connected to the chantry, among them Horizon. The disruptive energy was strong enough to temporaliy disrupt Horizon's defenses, which allowed the Technocracy to invade the very center of their enemy's powerbase.

In addition to the damage done to the Traditions as a whole, the Conflagration also affected other spiritual realms: The Digital Web crashed for several minutes, killing all users that were currently connected to it. The Virtual Adepts call this event the "Great White-Out" or the "White Monday". The destruction of Doissetep also saw major upheveals in the Order of Hermes, mainly in the loss of much of the powerbase of House Janissary and other Houses that had invested themselves much into Doissetep's political intrigues.