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Concordia is the realm of the Kithain of North America. It encompasses seven Kingdoms, numerous fiefdoms and several duchies that are sworn to the High King, who resides in his palace Tara-Nar in New York.


The Empire of the Turtle of the Nunnehi was renamed Concordia by the European Fae after the Accordance War ended. Although the kingdom seems to be stable, it still has its own troubles. Local phenomena, such as unjust rulers, Unseelie freeholds, certain Gallain activity, and Lost One freeholds, scar Concordia in many places.

War in Concordia

Recently, the High King has vanished and this has pushed the kingdom into disarray. Schemers and similar power hungry individuals seek to make claims for the crown in the face of coming winter, and some suspect the hand of the Shadow Court behind the events.


The Kingdom of Concordia is highly diverse along geographical, cultural and political lines. King David's influence on the Dreaming throughout the kingdom is both beneficent and pronounced. Under his benign and energetic rule, the Dreaming throughout Concordia has in large measure regained much of its old luster.

Along them lie the Fiefs of Bright Paradise, which are sworn to the High King.


Although David is the High King, the official government rests in the hand of the Parliament of Dreams, which constitutes of Advocats from all Freeholds with a membership above 15 Kithain. Commoners and Nobles alike are represented, although their representation is far from reflecting the actual proportions. 42% of the Parliament are Sidhe, most favouring traditional rule of Sidhe over the Commoner Kiths.


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