Conclave is a term used to describe general meetings held by the Justicars of the Camarilla to discuss sect policy.


Conclaves are the center of global Camarilla politics, serving as the highest court of Camarilla legislation, a high-level session of sect-wide policy, and a political rally all rolled into one. Only called by a Justicar, all kindred that the Camarilla claims authority over can attend a conclave, and the proceedings can be over in a few hours or stretch on for many weeks. Given the open-door policy of conclaves, security is an issue, and the location of a particular conclave might not be announced until a few days beforehand.

Generally,  conclaves  are  called  because  of  the  actions of a powerful individual (such as a Prince) or due to a serious breach of the Traditions, but once called, any Kindred may bring a grievance to the conclave and have it addressed. Entire domains have been reshaped by conclaves: wars declared, blood hunts called, and Princes politely encouraged to suddenly retire. The Traditions are also interpreted here, and amendments or precedents might be added. Princes might be given emergency powers or special dispensation to deal with particularly unruly problems (such as a local Sabbat infestation).

Not  all  conclaves  are  convened  due  to  a  problem, however.  Some  Justicars  schedule  regular  conclaves to allow for more long-term policy discussions and to handle less immediate but still pressing cases that have accumulated over the year. Many  Camarilla kindred use the opportunity to fraternize with others of their position or lineage, and some view as a chance to blow off some steam and party. Over the years, however, security has become tighter and tighter due to concerns about the Camarilla’s enemies, and more and more only key elders seem to be able to attend and have their voices heard.


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