Conchobhair is a Legendary Sidhe and heart of the foundation of House Daireann.

Overview Edit

The true founder of the House, Daireann herself was not much of a warrior and knew it would be hard to prove her house’s worth in the most visible way: on the battlefield. Some say she was skilled with the bow and the sling, but that is stretching things a bit. The true growth of the house, with their founder’s blessing, came with the birth of Daireann’s son, Conchobhair. No one knew who the boy’s father was; his mother simply appeared one day with a babe-in-arms. But whomever Conchobhair’s sire may have been, he endowed his son with giantish vigor, unflagging endurance, and inhuman agility. It was Conchobhair who devised the Fior-Righ customs of the house and the Three Laws by which the house lives: Honor, Vengeance, and Hospitality. While the Escheat and Seelie and Unseelie codes are important, the teachings of Conchobhair supersede any other tenets of behavior as far as the Daireann are concerned. It cannot be recounted the battles he fought and the foes he slew singlehandedly: hordes of redcaps, brutal wyrms, and even some of the Fomorians. His bravery and honor provided the central pillar of strength and visible power the house needed. Those who had been House Daireann in name now had a purpose and a cause: the thrill of war. There is no Gwydion king or queen who had more fanatically devoted flowers than did Daireann’s greatest ard-righ. The house never turned their faces from any challenge he gave and rallied to whatever task he asked of them.

It is said that Conchobhair lived long enough to see the coming doom, the fall of the fae during the Sundering, and Shattering. He didn’t return to Arcadia but instead stayed on Earth. His fate remains a mystery, but rest assured, as a house united, the Daireann seek word of his whereabouts.

References Edit

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