Compass of Terrestrial Directions Vol. V - The North is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition, the last in the Compass of Terrestrial Directions series.


The North is home to one of Creation’s harshest environments, and its savage predators, deadly winters and scarcity of resources would be challenging enough, even without the additional threats posed by marauding barbarians, seductive Winter Folk and the frozen dead. Defying both the elements and the region’s many threats, though, a myriad of states, large and small, have succeeded in wresting order from a chaotic wilderness and forging a stable home for their subjects. Will the returned Lawgivers seek to maintain these fragile metropolises, or will they be drawn to the banner of the Solar Bull of the North, who seems determined to plunge the entire North into war?
The fifth of five Terrestrial Direction books devoted to fleshing out the bare bones of Creation presented in the Exalted core book, this supplement includes the following:



Chapter One: Words on the WindEdit

Chapter Two: The Once-Holy CityEdit

Chapter Three: The City Under the MountainEdit

Chapter Four: Air Boats and AmbitionEdit

Chapter Five: Civilization and BarbarismEdit

Chapter Six: Sun and IceEdit

Chapter Seven: Gods and Monsters of the NorthEdit

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