Compass of Terrestrial Directions Vol. II - The West is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition.


Secrets of the Great Western Ocean Revealed
This second directional supplement presents Exalted’s major seafaring nations—Wavecrest, Coral, Skullstone and the Neck—and reintroduces the gender-role-redefining Tya and everybody’s favorite Demon-Blooded pirates, the Lintha Family to Second Edition. In addition, the mystery of the sunken First Age metropolis of Luthe is explored.
A setting book for Exalted Second Edition
  • The second of five Terrestrial Direction books devoted to fleshing out the bare bones of Creation presented in the Exalted core book, this one devoted to the West
  • Mass combat stats for the forces of the Silver Prince, the Lintha Family and other Western powers, as well as dominion stats for the Mandate of Heaven
  • Traits for the West’s native gods and beasts



Chapter One: A History Written on WaterEdit

Chapter Two: Jewels in the FoamEdit

Chapter Three: An Ocean of Silver and JadeEdit

Chapter Four: Mist-Webbed IslesEdit

Chapter Five: Demon Pirates of the Western OceanEdit

Chapter Six: Lost in the DepthsEdit

Chapter Seven: Gods and Monsters of the WestEdit

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