A compact, also known as the second-tier, is a type of organization found in Hunter: The Vigil. Compacts are organized cells of hunters dedicated to a common purpose. Compacts can be everything from a regional organization of hunters to a worldwide group with strict rules limiting its numbers.

Compacts are easy to find and join, and tend to offer a great deal of practical experience, as well as a few resources a hunter on their own might not have had before. They are also fairly easy to switch between, as most compacts do not have the energy and manpower to hunt down a rogue member capable of disappearing from sight.

While a good deal for an inexperienced hunter, compacts also tend to have a number of weaknesses over the more established conspiracies. Most compacts are relatively new, with the oldest only founded in the last century or two. As a result, some compacts lack a true focus and can fall prey to infighting between members. Newer compacts also may have to rely more on hearsay or rumor for information, not having centralized resources to gather data from. They are limited in size, making them effective in one or two areas, but are prone to falling prey to local politics or a stubborn conspiracy. Plus, the supernatural tend to outnumber the members of a compact, so one that attracts a great deal of attention may easily be wiped from the face of the earth by a powerful entity that grows tired of them.

List of CompactsEdit