The Commonwealth is a Tier 3 Conspiracy in Vampire: The Requiem, first detailed in The Danse Macabre. It can be considered a more specialized form of the Carthian Movement.


The Commonwealth wants many things. They strive to design a world where vampires are no longer parasites hiding in the shadows, but a symbiotic part of society. They want to end the Masquerade. They want a city designed for them. They want a relationship with mortal beings. They want to incorporate the other supernatural denizens of the world. They desire this revolution on a global level, to make the world more friendly for vampires to live in. They want to obliberate the generational gap among their kind, to finish the distinctions between Elders and Neonates. And everyone who is not for them is declared an enemy.

The Commonwealth believes in a socialistic revolution, where the distinctions that are now common among the Damned have ceased to exist. This means elders must act like neonates and neonates must be allowed to act like elders. Just to make sure everybody is on the up-and-up, this further means that everybody should be drinking everybody else’s blood. Their goal has not developed past the most basic stages, however, and it seems that their chances of success are slim.


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