Combination Disciplines are unique vampiric powers that draw on the knowledge and abilities of multiple Disciplines.


Combination Disciplines require a particular level of proficiency for each Discipline used, and the resulting effect often resembles a combination of the powers required. Some, however, are entirely distinct effects which draw on the themes of the Disciplines used, though these are often quite specific in their application.

Combination Disciplines are popular because they can add versatility to the Disciplines a character possesses or address unique situations. They are also one of the few ways Cainites of higher generations and younger Kuei-Jin can learn non-standard Discipline powers, as it is possible to create or learn Combination Disciplines that only require mid-level powers.

That being said, Combination Disciplines are rare; they can usually only be learned from a vampire who already knows the desired power, and are often jealously guarded secrets. Most are known to specific clans or bloodlines, and combine the in-clan Disciplines known to those groups, though there are powers shared by each sect as well. The Anarchs in particular have few qualms about sharing such disciplines amongst themselves, as it offers them an edge against the elders of the Camarilla and Sabbat.

List of Combination DisciplinesEdit

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As it was previously stated, these are rare powers not generally known to the vampiric population. Vampires who develop such abilities are extremely jealous of them, not prone to discuss them openly. In the main article presented above, however, we merely offer a database for players and storytellers to draw upon since the Combination Disciplines are spread throughout a great variety of sourcebooks.

Version DifferencesEdit

Combination Disciplines were introduced in the Revised Edition of Vampire: The Masquerade and are mainly presented in the various Revised clanbooks and in the Advanced Disciplines sections of the sect books. Many were consolidated and reprinted for the Dark Ages: Vampire books Players Guide to High Clans and Players Guide to Low Clans in addition to a few new powers. The only overall difference between Combination Powers in the two lines is that Dark Ages: Vampire established a standard experience cost of 7 * highest Discipline level.


The concept of Devotions in Vampire: The Requiem is essentially the same as Combined Disciplines.


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