Columns are permanent kamuts that function both as a Sabbat-style pack, with frequent Vaulderies and communal resources, and a highly effective military unit, already mobilized and ready for any mission required of them.


Columns are a relatively new development for the Black Hand. A number of them were established by Izhim ur-Baal and Djuhah in recent decades, which some feared looked like preparation for some kind of coup or war between the two powerful Seraphs.

While some of those columns vanished along with other Assamite antitribu, a few yet remain; it is unclear what they are doing in the absence of their respective commanding Seraphs. Jalan-Aajav is said to be more than a little suspicious of the remaining columns, but has not yet made any attempt to bring them back into the traditional fold.


Columns have the structure of a regular Sabbat pack, but maintain a tighter disciplinary order, with a permanent commanding officer (a Dominion rather than a Ductus), and a clear chain of command within the coterie. When on the move (as they most often are), they are experts in finding safe havens for the day, even in enemy territory. Members pack light, hunt stealthily and quickly, and dispose of all evidence of their presence. Unless intending to mount an attack, their goal is to avoid notice from any other Licks in the area, of either sect.

Sedentary ColumnsEdit

While the columns were originally all nomadic, in the recent years number of them have settled down, particularly in the newly conquered East Coast cities, awaiting further instructions from the Seraphim. Members share a common haven like a barracks, hunt cooperatively, and keep an otherwise low profile, even from other members of the Black Hand. To the local Sabbat around them, they are a Sabbat pack; their affiliation with the Black Hand is kept a tightly guarded secret.


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