Coldheart is a Nephwrack and a Oblivion general. This Spectre in life was Cleitus the Black, a general who served under Alexander the Great, and saved his life during a battle. However, he was killed after a drunken argument by Alexander. This event marked his afterlife to the extent of dedicating his existence to destroying Alexander.

He is an expert tactician and a well trained warrior, skilled in several Arcanoi and Dark Arcanoi, and the intervention of this Nephwrack often has been a major problem to Stygia, including the siege of the Isle of Sorrows during the Third Great Maelstrom, allegedly creating the Tempest; the taking of the Boston Necropolis and the besieging of several Russian Necropoli during the Fourth Great Maelstrom; and the invasion of Stygia during the Sixth Great Maelstrom.

He has seen travelling through the Dark Kingdom of Iron, meeting some important wraiths, like Erik, who traveled with him, ignoring the potential danger that he represents.

A group of wraiths sent him to the Void during the Sixth Great Maelstrom. With his destruction, the Spectral Offensive withdrew to the Tempest.



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