Cold Light is a Legendary Treasure of the Sluagh.

Overview Edit

Cold Light

Crafted in the days before the sluagh crawled from the Slavic forests, Cold Light is justly feared and hated by the other fae. While its current whereabouts are unknown, everyone from sidhe nobles to boggan gossips is sure that the underfolk are hiding it, waiting for the right moment to unleash its power.

Appearing as a dagger carved from a single, titan icicle, Cold Light shines an eerie blue at all times. It radiates intense cold, causing a bitter chill to strike down all in the vicinity, save its wielder and their allies (who feel a pleasant briskness in the air). Upon command, Cold Light can also increase the intensity of its blaze, blinding all who stand before it.

The blade's name refers, however, to the cold light of truth which is supposedly sealed within it. It is this power that the other kith fear, for the wielder of Cold Light can command the absolute truth from any who stand before them. No secret is safe, no falsehood possible in the blue radiance of Cold Light. Even the Tuatha de Danaan are helpless before this power, and some of the more optimistic sidhe claim the Tuatha must have taken the dagger in order to guard their own secrets.

References Edit

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