The Coil of Flesh is one of the Coils studied by the Ordo Dracul.

A vampire’s body is unable to perform some of its most basic functions — breathing, blushing, sweating — without being coaxed with Vitae. The Coil of Flesh restores some of a Kindred’s control over her body, so that she may more easily disguise herself as mortal and, perhaps, reconnect with some internal remnant of the human she once was. By passing among the kine, the Kindred has an opportunity to study change and examine artifacts that would otherwise be unreachable.

First Tier: The Man Wakes

The character’s Blood Potency is considered to be two dots lower when calculating the length of torpor and determining the potency of Kindred Vitae necessary to revive her by force.

Second Tier: A Taste of Life

The character can summon up the blush of life and the ability to eat food for one scene with a single Vitae. As long as the character has food in her stomach, she suffers no penalties to rolls to resist frenzy based on her hunger.

Third Tier: The Face of Man

The character’s hair and nails can be made to grow each day with a single Vitae. This Vitae is in addition to that paid to wake each day. What’s more, the character can will her image to appear either clear or blurred in photographs, videos and other visual media with no Willpower expenditure necessary for the scene. Clear images persist for a number of months equal to 12 minus the Kindred’s Blood Potency. A Willpower dot must still be spent to make a clear image of the vampire permanent.

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