The Cohort of Wepwawet (sometimes also called Wepwaret) is a Setite cult that is mainly observed by Warrior Setites. It is dedicated on preserving the “purity” of Theophidian faith.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Cohort traces itself back to Wepwawet, an apocryphal childe of Set rumored to lay in Torpor beneath their Founding Temple, the Arena of Thunder, near Abu Simbel. The Cohort began as a cult of Warrior Setites devoted to protecting Egypt from foreign invaders.

It declined after the Purge of Baybars, but rapidly grew in the 1960s when cultists said that Wepwaret had awakened from a long torpor. In the 1970s, the Cohort launched a revival campaign to bring heterodox Setite cults in line with the “true and ancient Theophidian doctrine.” It lacked support from other cults, equally ancient and powerful, who disagreed with the Cohort’s hostility to other vampire clans.

In the end, the Cohort achieved little except to foster ill-will against “Setite fanatics”. They even drove the Serpents of the Light to join the Sabbat. This debacle wrecked the Cohort’s credibility with other major cults and members drifted away. The shrunken Cohort abandoned many shrines, and many Cohort cells only have a single vampire member. The Cohort leaders hunger for victories and achievements to boost their prestige again.

Besides their missionary crusade, the Cohort also wages war against other supernaturals they regard as servants of the Aeons. Celestial Choristers and Ventrue are favorite targets, as are the Inquisitors from the Society of Leopold.

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