Name: The Cockscomb Society
Singular: Cockscomb Gent, Cockscomb Gal
Nickname: Gents, Gals
Parent Clan: Nosferatu
Disciplines: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Majesty, Vigor

The Cockscomb Society is an aristocratic Nosferatu bloodline that imitates the Hellfire clubs of the late 19th century.

The founder of the Society, Potter Woolsthorpe Wycombe, was loosely affiliated with a certain "Abbey" in the late 19th century. He supplied them with Kindred and other supernatural captives to torture for pleasure, but at some point their behavior reached a limit even he could not tolerate. Wycombe instead became determined to cling to humanity--not in a moral or spiritual sense, but a social and economic one.

Cockscomb thus members defy the usual Nosferatu stereotypes: they're sociable, they dress stylishly and live in well-appointed havens, they are neither ashamed of their monstrous appearance nor do they revel in it. Their slavish imitation of humanity, however, comes as a cost: almost crippling ennui. Cockscomb members cannot regain Willpower from satisfying their Virtue, and they are dogged by rumors of debauchery and depravity that would impress even their old friends at the Abbey.

References Edit

Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Nosferatu clan

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