Rage card depicting Cockroach.


Garou glyph signifying Cockroach.

Cockroach is a totem spirit of Wisdom. He is the tribal totem of the Glass Walkers, who consider him a totem of the modern age.


Cockroach is more Weaver-aligned than other tribal totems, which is expressed by the affinity of his packs to Gifts that manipulate technology. To be sure, Cockroach is quick, hardy, and persistent. Cockroach's pack has the ability to enter the Umbra and view data stored on media or streaming through data cables.

In one of the optional scenarios presented in Apocalypse, Cockroach is trapped by a ritual to force him to join the Corporate Spirit of Pentex, which leads the Glass Walkers to the Wyrm.

Traits & Ban Edit

  • Background Cost: 7

Traits Edit

  • Individual: Chosen of Cockroach subtract two from all difficulties involving computers, electricity, and applied science. They can also perceive the contents of data streams in the Umbra, watching along with a YouTube video or listening in on a cellphone call with a successful Gnosis roll (difficulty 6).
  • Pack: Cockroach’s packs gain three dice that apply to any roll to activate a Gift that affects technology.


A Pack who has adopted him as a totem must not kill cockroaches.



Yes, cockroach spirits will teach Gifts to Samsa, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the totem Cockroach is the spirit courts’ great survivor. He intends to exist even if the Wyrm wins. Long after the Wyrm’s minions turn on themselves and devour each other, Cockroach plans to survive with his brood. The Samsa may prove useful in this regard. Secondly, Cockroach is curious about these new creations. The Samsa stink of corruption, but Cockroach knows his children adapt to survive almost anything. Samsa definitely aren’t his, but he’s intently watching their survival strategies. Either way, Cockroach is investing in the possible future. The Samsa are deeply paranoid, broken, and loathed even by other Wyrm creatures. Cockroach intends to be the only one Samsa can trust. One day, they may even betray the Wyrm and fight for Gaia. If the Samsa prove to be more trouble than they’re worth, he can always call on the Glass Walkers to destroy the mockery breed. Until then, he refuses to discuss the issue with the Garou, has cockroach spirits teach the Samsa Gifts, and plans as only the greatest survivor can.

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