Coca Jones is an Unseelie polar bear Pooka Grump who spends most of his time between the Kingdom of Northern Ice and the Kingdom of the Feathered Snake.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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An Unseelie pooka, Coca’s animal affinity is the polar bear. In his dual-engine Cessna, he runs drugs from Mexico to Alaska. He’s one of Alaska’s leading dealers, making the run at least twice a month. Coca grew up in Anchorage, had his Chrysalis there, and through his mentor, got involved with the wrong crowd. At 16, Coca was dealing on the streets and in the schools. He saved up for flying lessons and to buy himself a plane so he could go into business for himself.

Over the years, this grumpy polar bear’s name has grown in infamy. His periodic, homicidal rages during his trips to Mexico have built a reputation for him among the Unseelie. In the heat of the tropical Southwest, Coca gets irritable. Perhaps this explains how he’s never been caught by mortal authorities or successfully been cheated on in a deal. People fear him and whoever does cross him ends up missing — permanently. The legend of Coca claims that he eats his victims so that the evidence will not lead back to him. Indeed, accounts of vicious bear attacks in western Mexico spot the books of local law enforcement. Coca’s paw prints are on file in nearly every police station on the Pacific coast.

Coca has just entered his grump years and rumors abound that his retirement looms on the horizon. Currently, Coca lives in a small hunting village on the Aleutians. His wife is an Alaskan native, a kinain, who keeps his house for him and has borne him two children. They live in relative comfort, though most of Coca’s earnings sit in an offshore bank account. One day soon, he intends to build a special abode in the northern wilds of Alaska. Not surprisingly, his wife has balked at the idea, though she knows better than to object too strongly. No one crosses Coca.

Coca uses non-committal grunts and gestures as his primary dialect of Pooka-ese. Rather uncommunicative, he doesn’t say much at all and, when he has to speak, it’s usually to ask a question. Most of his statements imply a certain apathy toward everything. His favorite responses to direct interrogation include: “Why the hell should I care?” and “How the fuck should I know?” When it comes right down to it, Coca takes the Fifth.

References[edit | edit source]

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