Cobalus is the Refinement of Cobalt, and is practiced by Prometheans who study the imperfections in themselves in hope of attaining Mortality.


Torment and Disquiet are simply parts of being a Promethean, albeit aspects that are avoided and often minimized as often as possible. Most Prometheans are nomadic, hoping to keep their Disquiet from forming Wastelands; in addition, most will try to keep themselves in check so their Torment does not take over. Cathars, however, take quite a different tack when it comes to the negative aspects of a Promethean's existence. Rather than shun or quell the effects of Torment and Disquiet, a Cathar will encourage and exacerbate them in order to deal with them openly.

Unlike Stannum, where Furies channel their Torment into acts of power, a Cathar gains and loses Torment like any other Refinement would. However, rather than make grand attempts to undo any negative effects that might follow or fleeing in fear and embarrassment, a follower of the Refinement of Cobalt will carefully examine what happened before, during, and after their negative encounters. By dealing directly with the effects of Torment and Disquiet, a Cathar hopes to understand why they failed and what they can do to remove those impurities from themselves. Cathars also tend, unlike most Prometheans, to remain in areas for long periods of time; as their Wasteland spreads and the effects of their Disquiet become more pronounced, the Cathar will have more and more outlets to examine for clues.

One of the key aspects to Cobalus is balance; a Cathar is frequently on the edge of the positive effects of Pyros and Azoth and the negative effects of Torment. To be a Cathar for any length of time means patience and caution. Because it requires so much subtlety and rarely produces rapid results, the Refinement of Cobalt is considered one of the rarest, if not the rarest, of the Refinements to practice. There have been decades without Cathars in existence, yet it seems the Refinement always manages to find its way to someone eventually.


Cathars are frequently analytical and methodical in their practices, traits that go hand-in-hand with the Osirans. Frankensteins, who usually feel less-than-perfect by their very natures, are also among those attracted to the Refinement of Cobalt. It is also hinted that finding a Zeka on Cobalus would not be surprising, given that their very existence is a major, glaring imperfection. In contrast, the Tammuz are least likely to be Cathars, since it involves a deep examination of the negative aspects of Promethean nature, which many Tammuz are more than eager to distance themselves from.


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