Clutches are family-like groups of Mokolé shapeshifters and their kin. The clutches are localized and preserve the Memory of a certain area.


Wherever intelligent living things gather, communities emerge. Weresaurians form small, moderately social clans called clutches. Two clutches may harbor grudges and petty rivalries for generations, sometimes warring over misperceived slights, but ultimately, survival is their chief concern. When two clutches fight, they do not kill each other, but act to injure and shame their enemies enough to temporarily delay further conflict. This preserves their numbers, but (unfortunately) does little to quell rivalries between clutches.

A healthy, functional clutch depends on the relationships between the different aspects (the weresaurian version of auspices) of Mokolé society. In the West, a grouping that contains representatives of all seven aspects is known as a “perfect clutch” — an extremely rare occurrence. Some young weresaurians venture into the world specifically to form a perfect clutch, for there are legends and prophecies of what such groups can accomplish. A group that includes five auspices is known as an “imperfect clutch”. These are becoming increasingly more common as more young heroes leave isolated wallows to seek their way in the world.


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