Cleopatra's Wings is a Level Five Pooka Treasure of the Kithain.

Overview Edit

This handsome, one-of-a-kind choker has a butterfly pendant hanging from a wide gold band that fits around the neck. Made of amber, the butterfly’s wings blush scarlet near the golden body and lighten to a warm orange near the tips. The changeling that wears the necklace gains the ability to fly in a manner similar to that of the Wind Runner cantrip (Wayfare 4). A pair of shimmery, intangible wings appear at the faerie’s back. The wings themselves have no substance and cannot be damaged. They disappear as soon as the changeling removes the choker. Unlike the Wind Runner cantrip, the flight of Cleopatra’s Wings has only one limit on duration: As long as the changeling does not remove the choker, they can fly — until the next sunrise or sunset (whichever comes first) after they don the choker. Once used, the wings must lie dormant for 12 hours before they can be used again.

If another person successfully grapples the wearer of the choker, the wearer must first break the grapple before taking flight. The choker does not give the wearer any added Strength and they must be unhindered in order to fly. Furthermore, Cleopatra’s Wings do not fly on their own and thus will not leave the wearer unless physically removed by the changeling or by someone else.

References Edit

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