Cleopatra is a derogatory term used by the Nosferatu to describe those of their clan that were Embraced because of their extraordinary beauty.


The Nosferatu's clan curse is known to physically deform mortals, and when it happens with the Cleopatras it frequently happens mentally as well (giving a perverse pleasure to their sires). While some Nosferatu create Cleopatras as punishment for those who are beautiful and cruel, their ranks are not limited to just the vain among the beautiful; even those with kind natures may be targeted by Nosferatu with an extreme hatred for beauty.

Many Cleopatras attempt to learn the Obfuscate ability Mask of a Thousand Faces as soon as possible in an attempt to resume their old ways. They are named for the trapeze artist from the movie Freaks, who scorned the freaks in her circus and was attacked and deformed by them for her vanity.


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