Claudius Maximus was a Tremere researcher who studied the Kindred condition under scientific lens. He was killed by a test subject in 1995.


Part of the Manchester Chantry, Maximus' main focus of study were the "aberrations" of the blood, namely Caitiff, Gangrel, and Nosferatu (which he named Homo Sapiens Nosferatus). He regarded those Cainites as "lesser" beings, due to their connection to animals and their physical deformities.

He studied Caitiff and the process of the creation of Caitiff, believing them to be remnants of Clans destroyed in prehistoric times. He was known to conduct experiments on living test subjects, such as the Caitiff professor Solomon Grey, and on various Nosferatu in order to find the source of their wildly varying deformities.

Maximus was destroyed in his Haven after one of his Nosferatu test subjects escaped and vivisected him.


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