Claudette Diderot

They say that there is no finer dining experience in the world than visiting La Mère Jolie in Milan, Italy. The atmosphere is light and always entertaining, and the food is exceptional — just don’t ask what you’re eating. Claudette is well known for traveling the world to discover the finest foods that you can eat, and in her mind all things qualify as food.

She has been known to serve exotic game, rare plants, and her fair share of insects, all with such obscure names that you would be none the wiser. Case in point: the harmless sounding Poulet Le Monde, “chicken of the world.” When you look at the dish, it appears to be an elaborate plate of roasted chicken, surrounded by roasted vegetables on a bed of wild greens, but when you bite into it there is a very different reality. The chicken has been marinated in a combination of dirt and boiled cow urine, giving the meat a very pungent taste. What’s more, the stuffing is a combination of freshly ground bread crumbs, parsley, sage, chicken broth, and finely ground mealworms. None of this is on the menu, and if you were to ask about the secret of the recipe, she would simply tell you that it is one of her house secrets, and it remains one of her most popular dishes.

Beyond her culinary expertise, Claudette has become one of the leading experts in the field of international affairs for the Ananasi. In her quest to find the perfect meal, Claudette has become a seasoned traveler, visiting every corner of the globe on a regular basis, searching for that unknown delicacy that has remained undiscovered. On those travels she has met many other Ananasi, and many non-Ananasi that have become some of the werespiders’ most valued allies, whether they want to be or not. As she shares quality food, Claudette also shares quality information with the people that truly need it. Claudette is a tall, graceful black woman, with a pleasant smile always on her face.

It would be a mistake to be deceived by her quiet demeanor; she is also a skilled killer that finds humans and other warm-blooded creatures a delicacy that is worth the risk in many situations. At times, she has even preyed upon cold-blooded and exotic game, both in this world and the Umbra. To her, the only crime is not taking the chance to discover something wonderful.


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