Clash of Wills is a supplement published for the historical World of Darkness scenario, Vampire: The Dark Ages.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A story for Vampire: The Dark Ages
The Earl of Galtre lies on his deathbed and his lands hang in the balance. Fearing for his immortal soul, the earl wills his lands to the Church in exchange for absolution or does he? His son produces what appears to be a valid will that designates him as the heir to his father's lands. Add the players' characters under the direction of Mithras, Prince of London, and what becomes of the situation? An unforgettable journey through the darker side of Cainite politics and morality!
Clash of Wills includes
  • An easy-to-run adventure, ready to pick up and play;
  • A versatile setting: Drop the story into an existing chronicle or play it alone as a one-shot;
  • Tips for launching a chronicle using this story as a springboard.
  • Written by Steve Miller, developed by Justin R. Achilli, and illustrated by Leif Jones, with cover art by Dan Brereton.


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