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Written by: Jess Heinig
Developed by: Justin Achilli
Editor: Cynthia Summers
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Layout & Typesetting: Becky Jollensten
Interior Art: Eric Hotz, Leif Jones, Alex Shiekman, Christopher Shy, Drew Tucker
Front Cover Art: John Van Fleet
Front & Back Cover Design: Becky Jollensten
Special Thanks, Hellvis Edition:

Chad “Patsy’s Patsy” Brown, for withstanding the Smellvis serenade.
Richard “Let’s Share This Drink” Thomas, for finding himself screwed out of seven eighths of the kamikaze.
Brian “Lug” Glass, for his help dragging the humiliated-tobe onto the “stage.”
Phil “Honorary Redneck” Boulle, for learning what passes for entertainment down here in the States.
Fred “The Drama” Yelk, for trying to crush the compassion from his girlfriend’s roommate.


The bathroom on the day after the whole debacle.

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: November 13, 2000
Pages:  ?
Publication #: WW ?????
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-254-9
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Price: Print: $16.34
PDF: $7.50

Clanbook: Tremere Revised is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition. The book details clan Tremere and their blood magicks. This book details the intricacies of the Tremere – considered by many to be the most powerful and mistrusted of all the vampires in the Camarilla.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Blood Sorcery and Blood Bonds
From her first night among the Kindred, the neonate Tremere leads a double unlife. Bound not only by the traditions of the Camarilla but by those of her clan, the Tremere must find a place for herself in her own hierarchy and in the deadly world of vampires. Which is more dangerous?
Clanbook: Tremere includes:
  • Details about the most powerful clan of Kindred in the modern nights
  • An expansive look at the most ordered of the clans – and the most treacherous
  • Describes new Thaumaturgical rituals and paths, the ranks of the hierarchy and the secret societies with the Tremere's pyramidal structure


Introduction: Enlightened by the DarknessEdit

Chapter One: The Price of ImmortalityEdit

Chapter Two: Inside the PyramidEdit

Chapter Three: Stones of the PyramidEdit

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