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Clanbook: Tremere is a sourcebook for Clan Tremere. Like all Clanbooks, it was later updated with a revised edition.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Majesty and mystery – the two words are synonymous with the word "Tremere." Born of murder and greed, created for power and destruction, they are the most feared of the Camarilla clans. they are also the clan with the most to fear, for their enemies are everywhere, especially within their own ranks.
Clanbook: Tremere includes:


Chapter One: The Beginning

Intro fiction detailing an apprentice telling the Code of Tremere.

Chapter Two: The Tremere Chronicles

The history of the Clan from its time as House Tremere to its current position within the Camarilla.

Chapter Three: Inside the Tremere

A look inside the Pyramid, including its numerous secret societies and secrets about Thaumaturgy.

Chapter Four: Tremere Templates

Templates for the quick generation of Tremere characters within a chronicle.

  • Child of the Tremere
  • Conspiracy Expert
  • Cultist
  • Explorer
  • Nexus
  • The Politico
  • Professional Witch
  • Psych Major
  • Pyramid Climber
  • The Underestimated

Appendix: The Tremere Hierarchy

Details about the current Inner Council of Seven.

  • Tremere - Founder of the Hermetic House and Leader of the Clan.
  • Etrius- Clan Administrator and watcher of Tremere's torpor body. In Charge of Eastern Europe.
  • Grimgroth - Replaced Goratrix in France and Central Europe. Now in Charge of Western Europe, including British Isles and Australia.
  • Meerlinda - Originally in charge of the British Isles. Now in charge of North America.
  • Xavier de Cincao - Originally in charge of Spain. Now in charge of South America.
  • Abetorius - Resides in Istanbul, In charge of Western Asia.
  • Thomas Wyncham - In charge of the Far East. Once had a chantry in Hong Kong. Second Inner Council member with this region.
  • Elaine de Calinot - In charge of Africa. Third member of the Inner Council to do so. Chantry in Algiers.
  • Goratrix - Founder of House Goratrix and traitor to the House and Clan. Joined the Anarch Revolt that became the Sabbat. Originally in charge of France and Central Europe.

Background Information


Memorable Quotes

From end to end with labor keen;

Ad here, poor fool, with all my love

I stand no wiser than before.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust

A crumpled future in your fist

The killing streak ascends sun-kissed

And the firestarter from within

Pokes out from fever-blistered grin

- Siouxsie & the Banshees, "Burn Up"

Witchcraft is so enduring that it admits of no remedy by human operation.

- St. Thomas Aquinas, Sententiae

The mighty pyramids of stone

That wedge-like cleave the desert airs,

When nearer seen, and better known,

Are but gigantic flights of stairs.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "The Ladder of St. Augustine"

Magicians are those who are commonly called evil -doers on account of the enormity of their crimes. They stir up the elements disturb men's minds and, without any poisonous potion, they destroy by the mere force of incantation."
- Isidore of Seville, Etymologiae

But the abominable, and murderes, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolators, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.
- Revalations 21:8, The King James Bible


  • Dr, John Dee - Advisor to Queen Elizabeth
  • John Diamond - North American Pontifice of Industry and Commerce.
  • Peter Dorfman - North American Pontifice for Government
  • Gatlin - Rebecca Thompson's Sire and Professor of Anthropology
  • Metrere - 11th Generation, Specialist in Psychology
  • Abe Powell - Pontifice of Western North America.
  • Rebecca Thompson - Neonate recently embraced into the House and Clan.
  • Tyler - Brujah
  • Saulot - Founder of the Salubri clan, diablerized by Tremere.
  • Rafael de Corazon - Toreador
  • Tzimisce Antediluvian
  • Hardestadt - Ventrue
  • Omar Khavam Ravenhurst - Anarch who wrote the Grand Compendium of Discordian Regurgitals, a secret pamphlet about Ant-Rituals
  • St. Germain, enigmatic figure. Not to be confused with Count Germaine, a Brujah.


Ceoris, House Diedne, Order of Hermes, House Tremere; Clan Structure: Apprentice, Regent, Lord/Pontifex, Councilor, The Inner Council of Seven; Political and Underground Orders: Traditionalists, Transitionalists; Secret Orders: Brothers of the Absinthe, The Guardians of Tradition, Order of Naturists, Humanus League, Children of the Pyramid, Illuminated Brotherhood, The Golden Path of Harmony, The Elite, The Astors, Eye of the Serpent, Order of the Wyrm, The Order of Quaesitori; Minions of the Tremere: Gargoyles, Homunculi, The Flyer, The Slug, The Hooper, The Demon-Bound, Corpse Minions


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