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Clanbook: Giovanni Revised is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition. The book details the secrets and society of the sinister and incestuous clan of Necromancy, the Giovanni.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Blood and Betrayal
Embraced by a fallen clan during nights long past, the Giovanni have always had ambition. Now they bring that ambition to bear on a world they would claim for themselves. With vast wealth, the ability to command the spirits of the dead, and a strict familial hierarchy, the greatest enemy to stand against Clan Giovanni is... itself.
Clanbook: Giovanni includes:
  • The history of the Giovanni clan, from its origins as a Renaissance merchant family to its current incarnation as deathless necromancers
  • The clan’s strange familial structure and its related lineages
  • New Necromancy rituals and previously unknown powers


Introduction: Kissing Cousins

A brief tale introducing the reader into the dark world of the clan Giovanni.

Chapter One: A Familiar Conceit

The history of the Giovanni, from their beginnings as a rich Italian family of necromancers, their embrace by the Cappadocian Clan to their diablerie of Cappadocius in 1444, the embracing of other families into the Giovanni, and finally into modern nights.

Chapter Two: It Runs in the Family

The deranged family structure of the Giovanni, including their elders, the role of the minor families in the clan, notes on the Proxy Kiss and ghouling, and how and why the family attempts to control wraiths and Spectres. There are also notes of the effects of Maelstroms on Necromancy, views on the other clans, and new Traits for creating a Giovanni character, including a new Background, Merits and Flaws, and new paths of Necromancy for the Giovanni branch families.

Chapter Three: Shareholders and Charnel Houses

Character templates and the powerholders of the Giovanni.

Background Information


Memorable Quotes

  • "Watch out who you are talking to; you are better dead than undead to the Giovanni."
  • "I just wish someone had told me how much easier feeding is when you kill them first."
  • "'Necro-incestuous Mafiosi?' Really? And do you believe everything your sire tells you?"
  • "Here's 100 dollars American. Come back in an hour and don't tell anyone I was here."
  • "I used to be a big shot like you, kid. Now I'm shoveling shit in Palermo. Let that be a lesson to you: Never let them see you lose."


  • Paolo Sardenzo - a Giovanni whose failures to bring the Endless Night are somewhat legendary
  • Isabel Giovanni - a speaker for the clan with a few strange... fetishes
  • Emilio Rosselini - a Giovanni wraith that acts as ghostly taskmaster and warden
  • Claudia Dunsirn - a Giovanni ghoul archeologist


Anziani, Cappadocian, Dunsirn, Ghiberti, Milliner, Passaglia, Pisanob, Premascine, Proxy Kiss, Putanesca, Risen, Rosselini


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