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Clanbook: Followers of Set Revised is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition. It reveals the true face of the Followers of Set and their (sometimes complex) relationship with their god, Set.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Children of the God of Storms
The Followers of Set are a clan bound together not only by blood, but by ties of faith. Their priests have access to secrets that would break the minds of lesser vampires; even the youngest Setite childe has passed the Gates of Revelation. They claim descent from a god, and prophecy the time of his return – and who is to prove them wrong?
Clanbook: Followers of Set Includes:


The Healing Power of Medicine

Fiction. Marla Kenyon, a meth-addicted prostitute kept in slave-like conditions, is bought from her pimp and tutored for the Embrace by Renenet, daughter of Sutekh.

Chapter One: A History Of Lies

A history of the clan written by Josué Pagnol, a.k.a. Manetho the Younger, in a letter to a former colleague to whom he had lied about his lineage. Pagnol reveals the origin of Set (in Setite lore, the first vampire), the clan's domination of Egypt and proliferation across the world, and the concerns of the Serpents as they enter the Final Nights and near the time of Set's return.

Chapter Two: After Such Knowledge

A treatment of the Setites as they exist tonight. First covers their beliefs, notably the existence of the Aeons, godlike beings who rule humankind and jealousy hide the truth that Set revealed to his childer – that all beings may become as powerful as gods. Also examines Setite practices, from the Path of Typhon and its opposing doctrine, the Path of Sutekh; common rituals and observances; Setite bloodlines; their relationships with the other clans; and Setite traits, including Backgrounds, Abilities, advanced Discipline powers, and a brief section on the various forms of blood magic practised by different Setite groups (Akhu, Wanga, Sadhana, and Nahuallotl).

Chapter Three: Broken Images

Character templates, notable Setites, and a sample brood, the Repairers of Reputations.

Background Information

The name of the intro fiction is "The Healing Power of Medicine" on the contents page, but on the 5th page its name is "The Healing Power of Religion".

Memorable Quotes

"Enough of myth! I desired history."
— Josué Pagnol, lamenting that his clan's history was largely told through legends of Set



Aeon, Akhu, Apep, Duat (MTR), Horus (WOD), Isis (WOD), Nahuallotl, Osiris (VTM), Sadhana, Sekhmet, Serpents of the Light, Set (VTM), Society of Aton, Tlacique, Typhon (VTM), Wanga


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