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Clanbook Brujah 1st Edition
Written by: Steve Crow
Editing: Alara Rogers
Development: Andrew Greenberg
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Production: Richard Thomas
Art: Larry McDougal, Josh Timbrook
Cover: Tim Bradstreet, Grant Goleash
Back Cover: Chris McDonough
Character Sheet: Andrew Greenberg, Chris McDonough
Special Thanks To:

Mark “The Wyrm” Rein•Hagen, for his new driving techniques.
Stewart "The Weaver” Wieck, for forcing the staff to hold hands through the spider web from hell.
Ken “King of Cartographers” Cliffe, for his wonderful nondirections to Chris’ birthday party.
Chris “Creamy” McDonough, for what his sister left on his face.
Josh “Pez” Timbrook, for making Chris a happy dispenser.
Rene “Glass Walker” Lilly, for her introduction to Chris’ door.
Wes “Audi-less” Harris, for having it sold out from under him.
Sam "Cosmic Angst” Chupp, for his aggressions against the great green Four-Square ball.
Rob "Pizza Wyrm” Hatch, for knowing how to get the most out of a microwave.
Travis “Back Man” Williams, for his tingling, warehouse-rubbing fingers.
Richard “Fisher King” Thomas, for honestly catching little more than a cold.
William “Laid Out” Hale, for the exhaustion after writing, producing and shipping his own rite of passage.
Bill “Well Stacked” Bridges, for the pleasure his Werewolf responses gave him.
Aaron “Sophomoric” Voss, for taking the Wyrm to UGA. Enjoy that Bulldog blood!

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1992
Pages: 66
Publication #: WW2051
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-038-4
Online: Bullet-rpg
Price: PDF: $6.00

Clanbook: Brujah is a clan oriented sourcebook to the first edition of Vampire: The Masquerade. A newer revision of this book was released for Vampire: The Masquerade Revised Edition, Clanbook: Brujah Revised.

The book details much of the Brujah, one of the thirteen vampiric clans of the World of Darkness. Quick to anger and always passionate in the Modern Nights, they have been regaining their position as a clan of lofty philosophers and activists and are often pointed out as a clan that should not be messed with. All that a Brujah does, he does with passion that is his curse and his blessing.

The clanbook provides game information to help players and storytellers alike bring its characters to unlife. Whether the Brujah of your chronicle fight their battles in the Elysium with speeches and whispers, or on the streets with fangs and Uzis, this book is an invaluable resource.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Once they built monuments to eternal peace. Once they spent their time in contemplation of the infinite. There is little more beautiful than the work of those with vision. There is little more deadly than a dreamer betrayed. The betrayers tore down the monuments. The brief life of eternal peace sank into the ravages of time. The hope for infinity burned to ash. Now when the pounding begins, words will not do. When the fury grows, peace will suffer. When the frenzy erupts, only blood will suffice.
Clanbook: Brujah includes:
  • The history and traditions of the Brujah, including their myths and clan secrets
  • 10 templates of Brujah characters, spanning the spectrum of this diverse clan
  • Details on mysterious powers Brujah have developed through the ages



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