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Written by: Graeme Davis
Edited by: Erin Kelly
Developed by: Andrew Greenberg
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Layout and Typesetting: Aileen E. Miles
Art: Robert Macneill
Front Cover: Timothy Bradstreet, Grant Goleash
Back Cover: Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Aileen E. Miles
Special Thanks To:

Rebecca "Big Boss" Schaefer, for running the warhouse right.
Danny "Guys, It's Really Cold Here" Landers, for arranging the Rage tour in the northeast in the dead of winter.
Louvie "Displaced" Locklear, for getting bumped from duty to duty at this ol' office.
Oh Soon "Jennifer II" Shropshire, for her own collection of stellar chapeaux.
Keith "Who's the Herr" Winkler, for getting translations out of his way.
Diane "Computer Love" Zamojski, for how she feels about her Mac and her printer.
R. Christian "I'm the Herr" Naberhause, for taking over everything foreign.
Mike "Legs" Chaney, for earning Street Fighter immortality.
Emory "I Can Spin It All The Way Around" Hester, for having fun with his steering wheel.
Brad "Chin" Butkovich, for the disappearing beard trick.
Jim "The Mech" Souter, for giving Emory's car the power — steering, that is.
Eric "More Car Fun" Turnbow, for making his auto smoke, sputter and melt.

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: March 15, 1995
Pages: 70
Publication #: WW 02059
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-214-X
Online: Bullet-rpg
Price: PDF: $6.00

Clanbook: Assamite is a sourcebook for the Assamite clan for Vampire: The Masquerade.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Feared by all yet courted by many, refusing outside allegiances yet willing to hunt Kindred for a payment of blood, the Assamites are among the most reclusive clans. Once hunted, these vampire assassins are now sought out by the Kindred to dispose of their enemies. Fearful takes are told of their skill in hunting the most dangerous prey, their bravery in combat, and their fierce loyalty to their clan. Yet the tellers of these tales do not guess at the truth: the millennia of warfare, the roots of the Jyhad, and the clan mysteries which no outsider has ever seen.
Clanbook: Assamite includes:
  • The history of the clan, from the First City to the present day
  • The clan's treasures, beliefs and internal culture
  • New Skills, Quietus powers and advanced combat rules.



Chapter One: HistoryEdit

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