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Clan Novel Anthology is a collection of fiction dealing with the main characters of the Clan Novel Saga, set either before or after the events of that series.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Thirteen clans of vampires
More fascinating than the events of the Clan Novel series (The great East Coast battle between the Camarilla and the Sabbat, the destruction of the evil Monçada, the transformation of a young Toreador into a powerhouse that rocked the Gangrel from the Camarilla...) are the characters. The wily Victoria: the cool and calculating Hesha; the new Prince of New York, Calebros; the mad prophet Anatole; the brooding and dedicated Theo; and all the other characters featured in the original series.
Thirteen All-New Stories
These thirteen characters form the basis of the all-new stories of this anthology. And who better to tell their stories than the authors of the Clan Novels? All of the authors of the original series have contributed to this anthology. With the addition of fine stories by two other authors as well, readers may peer even deeper into the shadows of the World of Darkness and find answers to some of the mysteries not resolved in the series itself.



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These stories were later re-published, along with material from the Clan Novels themselves, in a four-volume collection.

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