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Clan Novel 8: Ravnos is a fiction novel for Vampire: The Masquerade. This book is the eighth of the Clan Novel Saga and focuses on clan Ravnos.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Enter knave, smiling
Khalil Ravana has always been a lightweight, a drifter,a thief with no status and no power... until now. Chance saved him from a storm in Calcutta that annihilated his clan, and now chance has placed him in the center of another storm – this one in New York City, near the deadly Kindred battles for possession of the Eastern United States. It's also ground zero for Leopold, a Toreador who mysteriously possesses great powers -even without the Eye of Hazimel.
For once, Khalil's sticky fingers give him the upper hand. Armed with secrets, a hidden ally, a burning thirst for revenge, and a hostage he saves from death, this Romi is going to take everyone else in New York City - Camarilla and Sabbat alike - for all he can get, including the blood of his elders.
Problem is, nobody likes a Ravnos. Especially when they learn Khalil's the only one.
This series is a monumental, 13-novel exploration of the forbidden world of the Kindred. What began in Clan Novel: Toreador continues here, and its ending will determine the fate of every human – and inhuman – being in the world.


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