Clan Novel 5: Ventrue is a fiction novel for Vampire: The Masquerade. This book is the fifth of the Clan Novel Saga and focuses on clan Ventrue.

Currently, it is the only book of the Clan Novel Saga not available through


From the White Wolf catalog:

It began with the Clan Novel: Toreador.... This book, Clan Novel: Ventrue, is the fifth of a 13-book series concerning the Kindred—the hugest event ever in the World of Darkness.
From small details to grand spectacles, this epic series of over one million words reveals reveal the secrets of this hidden world through the eyes of individuals on both sides of a great conflict. The continued existence of all Kindred, from the youngest neonate to the eldest Methuselah, hangs in the balance.
Finally, after suffering numerous defeats at the hands of the vile and relentless Sabbat, the Camarilla prepares for war. North American Kindred from a number of fallen cities form a council to plan their reprisals. But can they trust the Ventrue sent by Old World elders to chair this group? And can the Ventrue Jan Pieterzoon trust the others?



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