Clan Novel 11: Brujah is a fiction novel for Vampire: The Masquerade. This book is the eleventh of the Clan Novel Saga and focuses on clan Brujah.


From the White Wolf catalog:

With Friends Like These...
The monstrous vampires of the Sabbat are swarming north in ever-increasing numbers and threatening to overwhelm Baltimore, the last bastion of Camarilla power on the U.S. East Coast. Theo Bell, archon of Clan Brujah, is the Kindred in the trenches. While the elders pontificate and vie for influence, he's holding the city's defenses together. He's undermanned, out-gunned, and, as if that weren't enough, he's forced to dodge fallout from the personal agendas and intrigues of his allies.
Is a spy leaking vital information to the Sabbat? Who is behind the plot against Prince Garlotte of Baltimore? How much do the secretive Nosferatu really know? Is Theo's Ventrue partner, Jan Pieterzoon, on the level?
Too many potentially lethal distractions for Theo, and meanwhile the Sabbat keep coming...
This series is a monumental, 13-novel exploration of the forbidden world of the Kindred. What began in Clan Novel: Toreador continues here, and its ending will determine the fate of every human – and inhuman – being in the world.



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